Lang Lang


Deutsche Grammophon

Mozart, Chopin, Schumann and Liszt: A very piano-piano program, which is offered to us as a sort of Horowitz tribute but also (as printed inside) as »old memories/new perspectives«. My problem after about four bars of Mozart by Lang Lang is, that he’s close to a certain idea of technical perfection. The way he phrases, the way he keeps the tempo extremely steadily, the way he sort of does ten things at the same time makes me want to stop the CD. It’s indeed totally amazing, but seems to miss some depth, sound, history or reason even to go through such a piece (»Piano Sonata in C major K.330«). I suddenly could find Brendel extremely sexy or Duchable exciting. I want Scott Ross, Gould or Horowitz back immediately. The piano even sounds like electronic in the low and upper range, something is pretty unreal (now going through Chopin). Last but not least Schumann’s hit »Kinderszenen Op.15« is a complete waste. I’m really sorry but that is as interesting for me as probably a Car magazine or a »Geo«-Scientific review. I’m sure he finds plenty of happy and thrilled listeners though. Good luck.


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