Style: "socdog3"
Style: "socdog3"

I love to put a new CD in my player while ignoring all about who is it, what genre, what stream, what origin. This happens generally about 80 per-cent of the time here. Good, Good, Good – so : What is ? It starts in some lost island and wild forrest, with birds and other barkings, when a woman says openly "the planet has crashed" not saying which one actually but we‘ re only 22 seconds into the first track. Let s see, should I press play again or keep the album on hold and rave about things not in the CD ? At 1’03" precisely she says "welcome to Las Venûs Resort Palace Hotel, I am your host : Sonia Calicalone, I hope you enjoy the show" – Haven’t heard any music yet when some caliope and Hawaian slide Guitars ( with Chorro underneath ) finally starts a wet and sweet song ( papaye, mango, Vahine, etc the whole shite like on posters ). "Mango, Banana and Tangerine", she now sings. Got it now ? you re facing a concept album and I think I really could enjoy it if i was listening more carefully and let myself swim in the Blue Lagoon. Bye, gotta gon now!


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Noël Akchoté



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