As you all know by now, I’m barely alphabetized (un). The first clues I click to here is the word »Chicago« ( not the Band), then wandering through the credits it seems like this a new album plus some reissues from a previous 2004 EP of the same. Great, let’s hear It! Tight Post-Indie Rock Guitar Trio, a la Steve Albini, with short lyrics and backing vocals. Sounds pretty good, quite Experimentally advanced, though always in Pulse and Tensions. It might be what we used to call »Petits Maitres« (as opposed to Grand Oeuvre yet, but who knows later where they’ll go). What I really like about this album is that it may not be absolutely delivered hundred percent finished, but it’s full of little simple and good ideas that make my brain start to think and want to play again all sorts of passage in the album. Thanks for the Neuronal Awakening Guys!


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Noël Akchoté



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