CSS are what I guess you still call a Girlband today. It’s bright electro-ish pop (although and old analog synth might the only electronic involved in here). For the first time in this long journey through reviews, do I start to play attention to lyrics, here is something going on: Come With us, We’ll Make a Toast/Don’t mess my Holiday/Don’t mess my Holiday – (obviously the whole song is a detailed alcoholic famous brands listing and their possible use).
In France there’s a total phenomenon right now called »Bebe Brune«, it’s four handsome very young boys, who sing about »No Future« and »Let’s go Coma«, but look like the FabFour rather. They’re getting so fucked that their barely fifteen years old female audience expect them to vomit and collapse while doing their act. Is CSS the female version of it? – I can be reserved on the subjects they deploy here but altogether I really enjoyed the Donkey-do’s. Take Care


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