Benjamin Diamond

»Cruise Control«

Diamondtraxx/Beats International

I can’t stand white people shaved heads giving themselves a style, like on this cover. I never could actually so nothing new. What do we get here again? A pretty Fender Rhodes melody opens a total bublegum 80’s dull pop, and the vocals hit the song straight away. The good point is it’s so straightforward cheesy that it starts to make me happy, not Robbie Williams by far but something of that happyness in rainy days and poor lives. Music for young girls, old young gays, never assuming aging ladies? The opening title for you to know just is: »1000 lives« – and it goes: »I’m a man with a 1000 lives … And if you try to catch me tomorrow I’ll be gone, I bet I’ll see you again that’s why I’m so confindent« – cheers mate.

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