»Acoustic guitar and live electronics« says the CD, but this time from Istanbul (rather than Linz , Manchester , Berlin or Toyko). While entering this series of seven solo guitar compositions I try to forget about previous things I may naturally link this album with. All is very open and often melodical here, more of a soundtrack, of atmospheres and landscapes, light and textiles than any sort of posing conceptual installation. What mainly differs usually between standard western players and others is often the pulse, the way to go through timings, lengths and achievements. You again discover that there’s a all world of approaches existing, that each one is radically different and brings you too to extend yourself, let things come their own way. And there is – clearly in Helvacioglu’s playing – a way to touch, pick and push the strings that resonates into Turkey (high registers and some phrasings reminding of the sitar ). It’s really an enjoyable work on it’s own, it has a shape, a speech, a way to go (probably somewhere in between Fennesz and Fripp. A very interesting and exciting experience, unique enough for me to take more time and let the music ring inside a little more. Please try and welcome it.


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Noël Akchoté



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