Which »Voyage« will we find here? The Louis-Ferdinand Céline one or a reference to the fabulous Paul Motian trio album (with J-F Jenny Clark & Charles Brackeen, ECM)? None: a totally new one, another beautiful experience of its own kind – I liked it. The more I couldn’t tell what it was the more I was able to hear. Very nice acoustic intro, positive and heavenly, with a touch of Supertramp’s first four bars to it (I would say). The intro sounds like looped, going slow but sure, hard to say where to though. »Marzipan«, the second track, is a more abstract collage entering a complete 1960’s psychedelia groove after a minute. For some reasons it tastes like Christian Fennesz’s »Endless Summer, but in a far more Mamas & Papas‘ version. Hippie, Happy, a hair dull too, but very welcome in its totally un-pre-defined paths. Very nice, cheers.


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Noël Akchoté



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