Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri

»In Between«


In a world where desert has spread over Italy’s south entirely, a hot breeze wafts gently through the abandoned streets and between antique buildings. A robotic Bedouin riding a cyborg dromedary gazes into the distance and seems to be waiting for something to happen. His mount is nervously pawing the ground, making metallic squeaking sounds. While a gust of wind blows sand against metal parts, producing a grinding sound, the Bedouin prompts the dromedary to slowly move forward. After passing a few buildings, they reach the open landscape of the desert. Suddenly, a spaceship appears in the sky. Its engines roar and it prepares to land. When the cloud of dust settles, a hatch opens and many tiny metallic octopods pop out. The octopod-stampede heads towards the Bedouin, while the air is filled with pulsing, rhythmic sounds. The small creatures build a circle around the Bedouin and align their antennas. A pulsing energy field emerges, lightning surges hit its center. The Bedouin, consuming the energy strokes, begins to glow. All of a sudden, the octopods and the energy field disappear into thin air. The desert is quiet again, lightning still flashes out of the Bedouin’s eyes. From the distance, a caravan slowly approaches, swirling up sand. When reaching the robotic Bedouin, small metallic children start to dance around him, while the lightning in his eyes begins to fade.

The solo project of former Plaster member Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri builds on varying aspects of albums like »Platforms« (2011) and »Mainframe« (2015) and expands the ideas of his solo project Kaeba, while exploring quite new territories.

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