A single white page booklet in a thick recyclable double cardboard sleeve (blue, silver and natural abstract prints). Six tracks »Recorded and composed« over 2003-2005 by the still young (Zürich based) artist. »Thermo« (19 minutes) opens the album with a soft industrial atmosphere and classic electronica clicking patterns while »Wüste« (track # 2) emphases on guitar amp hummings and noises going directly into »Fred Austere« the third track. It’s not like you’ve never actually heard these sort of sounds before, but much more how Korber does it his own way, he makes it his own story too. Really clear, brilliant, sharp, smart and focused on his thoughts and emotions. And that makes »effacement« escape all the usual experimental tabletop guitar & electronic clichès we’re often surrounded by in these fields. A real talent for projecting the music he wants us to enter (hear) doubled with a unique capacity to shape it and keep it alive, fresh, today, now and I guess tomorrow. Really makes sense.