What is it? Kraftwerk curates Robert Smith featuring Crazy Frog?
God is this lead singer unbearable! We\’re already two minutes and half into this track (»Olio«), and it only sounds like an intro to nowhere. Some electronic sonar pulse tries to push it a bit now before that obnoxious cold wave falsetto starts again to yell against his parents, his school and probably anything else in his surrounding. Plaintive they called it? Desperate I named it. – Alright: Track two is a bit better, or even by far: Better! Lyrics (vocal group, Stadium Like or High School Pom-Pom Pogo): »One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven/I’m floating in a constant Heaven«. Cheers, good to know, then we get served some neo-post-pre-new-wavish (early hours, UK style) fairly well xerox brut rock sound. Where did I leave my Stranglers albums? Can we we get B-52’s, Siouxie or anything else that’s relevant in comparison  – Fuckin Hell … go Kill yourself.


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Noël Akchoté



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