Bjorn Svin


Rump Recordings

It s totally random, I know, but I have a good feeling about this album just from looking at it, like it smiles to you "eat me, try me, buy me". Even the sheets says " Bjorn Swin is Unique. Full stop", so … And since the first sounds you enter someone‘ s world, living room and cave at the same time. Like say, with Rodelius "for example". Bjorn Svin is all at once an electronic composer, a new music designer, a landscape of rhythms and tones. His tones and approach to each piece ( form, format, duration, movement, interplay and intelligence ) really makes you hear differently and actually think too. I, of course, particularly enjoy the fact that I have absolutely no clue to where do his producers files him. Is again like with Rodelius, you keep the record your lifetime, can get back to it every sometime and will always discover some other aspects. Beautiful, more of it please !

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