Lisa Doby

»Who We Are«

JazzHaus Freiburg GmbH

A bit hard for me to »frame«. With Jazzhaus I thought of a first orientation, then once I played it I faced another one. The cover shows a rather rocking intense woman with an electric (godin) guitar (and a Stevie Ray Vaughn/Hendrix leather strap). The info says she does backing vocals for Patrica Kaas, and more over like that. The problem is: her voice is really great, very well projected, articulated and makes you feel like hearing someone, not just vocals.  Maybe she is a great interpret and presence that needs to find her own personal reflexion, production sized to measure. The album isn?t bad at all, it?s still very FM orientated (Basile Leroux on guitars), therefore missing some alchemy for me. Looking forward to more Doby Lisa in the future, great start though. 


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