Polar Bear


The Leaf Label/Indigo

Leafcutter John on guitar and electronics in a Sebastian Rochford (drums) series of composition and production, featuring Peter Wareham & Mark Lookheart on tenor saxophones and Tom Herbert on double bass, all recorded in London. In many ways this instrumental album reminds me of the sort of »ear experience« one can have while walking London’s musical streets. And I litteraly mean passing by all the possible and diverse places where music is played aloud like some record stores, community locations, Delis (Delicatessen shops, 24 hours open), clubs or guitar shops. There is ska, free jazz, rock, ethno, ethio, dub, nu jazz, progrock and all you can imagine else in it. It’s recorded in order to sound like in a loft on a cloudy day after some lunch pause. It’s pretty good and rather surprising, it’s also raw and sweet at the same time. A very particular project and release.


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