»Mosquito Bite«

In the pure tradition of Organ Blues Soul Jazz combos once more. I guess if you can play and record things like that in 2006 you could have done so in ???66, ???86 or ???98. So what makes people want to go for it over and over again? Well the reason is extremely simple: It always works! We all enjoy that sound, this format and kind of music, so much that you can bring it in anytime and you’ll for sure find an audience. And I must say that Wressnig and Crivellaro are absolutly masters at it. It’s really totally perfect, complete by any means and polished like it would be an orginal 1967 recording. Everything’s there and a full attention has been paid to details (they make the difference) even up to the titles (they are most originals even though they sound like what you wanted to hear again): »Banana Boogaloo«; »Speedin’« or »West 43rd St. Blues«. In their case I must admit I’m completely bluffed. Close to perfection.


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Noël Akchoté



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