Hörfest 2007 in Graz

Very personal review by Jean-Hervé Peron (FAUST) …

There was a lady (Eva Reiter) playing the contrabass flute (old instrument aka Petzold-Flöte) with very interesting sound textures. She played four compositions. She also performed on Viola da Gamba and produced fascinating soundscapes. She looked very beautiful so I had to close my eyes to concentrate on the music.

Then two DJs on turntables (instant infant ) (Jorge Sánchez-Chiong und Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant) with a lady dancing (Brigitte Wilfing) … very powerful, very loud but well made, great dynamic, full of symbols … great dance act. The lady is mother of two kids but she still can move – believe me … astonishing body-expressions … one of the guys (from Switzerland) did some body noise but I did not get it … then there were two orchestras playing modern compositions (Hannes Kerschbaumer … contemplando i desert I …, Manuela Meier indigo pines): I did not listen to (unfortunately) ???cause I went eat a fish (trout simmered in potatoes/celery/carrots/spices and wine. good stuff … The 3rd orchestra was twelve friends blowing in the most inspired way into organ pipes, each a different tone (same idea as when guitars attack from Geraldine Swayne: she played in a band of twelve guitars each with only one string) and they certainly used the complete range of possibilities offered by those pipes, from almost inaudible respiration to loud (not really loud though) Staccato (Peter Jakober – Stück für 10 Orgelpfeifen mit Becken und Computer). Very good … if I was rich, I would ask them to come and perform at Schiphorst (Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst). I am sure you would enjoy it … Then, THEN, was this crazy engineer who had built a piano automat very high-tech sort of thing with extremely precise and numerous possibilities, controlled by computer, it is AMAZING! I asked him to come to Schiphorst … he will!! (Engineer Winfried Ritsch, Komposition: Peter Jakober -Puls 3) Also Mufti (formerly Einstürzende Neubauten) made his FM Einheit performance with two springs and a metal sheet (and bricks). Nice man I must say and a good performance. It was nice to talk to him and, me being a knot expert (so they said after I had made a few quick knots to hang our screens), I had the pleasure to help Mufti and tie his springs to the ceiling … he has a girlfriend who is a bit limited in her expression as she never gave more than a non-committed head-nod to any comment/suggestion/attempt of conversational intercourse … oh well …What else? Oh yes, that was Saturday … Friday, there was a performance before us called Piano Feedback Distortion (Stück für tausende Luftballone) – very humoristic and dada: the guys played outside. They placed the audience in front of a big glass window bay and completely masked the bay with black balloons: so you saw NOTHING, heard NOTHING – great! Then they turned on some powerful spots outside just underneath the balloons and consequently the balloons started to burst. This was mighty amplified and the audience was scared stiff at the first explosion.Later on, I found some fire crackers I always carry with me on tour and so Zappi lit one of them and threw it in our bin … BOOOOOM, half the audience died, the other half laughed …, the third half left … good performance … aaaah yes, Zappi and me we played too. We developped a concept which I gave to Andy before the Nurse With Wound concert (maybe Andy has put it up on the pages anyway, we had decided to make it like in a theatre piece with opening act and second, third etc. … act and a finale … we had invited indigenous artists to support us: one tuba was found by Zappi and me while walking the streets of Graz, a lady-poet, two saxes, a trumpet, a clarinet, a guitar, a drum, beautiful, beautiful. We had fun, fun, and apparently the audience liked it … we did a good version of The Sad Skinhead, we blew Mamie and Dictators because it is hard to do it without Momo. We did Pythagoras: excellent with, wild saxes, drums and guitar and performed some new pieces: the Japanese Whore, The Film.We drove 2400 km for this one gig! We are nuts, absolutely nuts … but it was good and we met some very remarkable people.

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