Stéphane Rives



Some records are like that, since the very first second you play them you know you’re facing a serious question and a possible answer. Stephane Rives is a french saxophone player involved in sounds and textures to the highest level of integrity. Altough you can’t exactly call this music »studies«, they, to some extent, are. Like a work in progress trying to overpass artistic and moral questions into as harsh and concrete as possible facts. The saxophone taken to some limits or even after the instrument one may say. After the instrument (or even without any), is a genre in itself that we’ve been often facing these years and therefore I would like to say that it can’t quite be seen as something in itself. Nevertheless Rives is here pushing the direction very far but sometime forgetting some sort of joy in music or from music. That is my main problem with all these experiments: it’s fuckin dry and austere without never
touching the limits of another restricted area which are mysticism and theology. In other words: extatic beauty. A serious album.

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