Very curious intro, real good actually, though very fusion-funk (Crusaders ), topped by a totally out of tune ( and out of much instruction on the instrument I guess too ) tenor saxophone. Then comes the horns in the back and the whole cheese-cake takes off. I havent been reading the liner notes so I couldnt guess that it s here the original people who originally recorded such music back then and goes for another round here. They ve aged great, not that they are on the top of the fit, but their definetely on the top of their point. Phil Ranelin gives a try at a trombone solo, almost always on the verge to fall but pushing great and hard and I‘ m lovin it. There is a pure conceptual, maybe not fully wanted here, side to such an album. Every single player taking his chance on a solo is systematically on the verge to not being able to end it, but all goes deep to the point and this creates a unique style and playing. You see ? That s not retro at all, that s totally actual, real and in the state of the art ( of life ). A necessity.

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