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Stressed by Photography

Hiroaki Umeda is known for his works that combine choreography, soundscapes, imagery and lighting design. As a one-man company acting under the name of S20 he has been composing choreographies for other dancers since 2008. At the Tanzquartier Vienna he presented »2. repulsion«, a performance he created in 2010 for three dancers (Sofiane Belkebir, Yvener Guillaume, Soufiane Tiet) by commission for the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar. The other piece he presented on two evenings (26.03.-27.03.2011) was »while going to a condition«, a work that established his reputation as a first-class Japanese solo dancer who blends classical dance movements with HipHop elements, always keeping his feet firmly grounded while being in contact with rhythmic noises and minimalist video art. Backstage he talked about his first steps into the world of dance and explained his spatial concepts.

Fotocredit: Julieta Cervantes

Michael Franz Woels


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