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The Evolution of Senso-Brutalism: Electronic Aesthetics of Force in Music. Industrial – Minimal Techno – Gabba.

Sonic injections to the braincells about deviant musics by the London-based writer and critic Alexei Monroe, best known for his books about Laibach/NSK.

Alexei Monroe


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A very heterogenous CD. It starts with something you might hear in a worn out bar somewhere in New Orleans. Also you can hear several minutes of blowing instrument raping which is not so unusual in todays music art. Often musicians practice this sport, I would call it a lack of inspiration. It is possible that it depicts the state of mind and soul of the artist, then it served its aim, but it is not something a listener can enjoy.
Another mood that this CD presents, and which I liked the most, was something which would fit well with a hypothetical European film about a nameless, lonesome person with no future or past, in a big nameless city, living in a cold apartment. Noises of his dull life. Something you can actually hear in your own life if you listen. Most of us just don???t notice it, and if so,
this CD might make one aware of it.

Ivana Primorac


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