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Signal Zirkus #15

24. April 2018, 21:30

Mario Schönhofer (Ströme/Compost, DE) & Mathias Kettner (No Label, DE)
RM CoacH (No Label)

Like always, but never boring:
4 artists may perform for about 30 minutes. Inbetween the acts, there will be a short synthesis workshops called „Modular Bits“ hosted by RAW VOLTAGE – Modular Store Vienna. Everybody is invited to enjoy the show and chat with the artists.

Signal Zirkus crew dedicates this evening to people who want to experience electronic music live set ups – either you are listing or performing.

Mario Schönhofer von Ströme und Mathias Kettner, Erfinder des „Sinfonion“, improvisieren und komponieren an ihren Modularsynthesizern mit neuartigen, zum Teil selbst konstruierten Geräten. Harmonische Strukturen werden aufgebrochen und es entsteht Melodien und Musik aus einer neuartigen Symbiose zwischen Mensch und Maschine.

RM CoacH ist ein Synthesizer affiner Spagetti Künstler. Neben seinem Kabelfetisch hat er eine Vorliebe für resonante Filtersweeps und säurehaltige Bässe. In jüngster Vergangenheit zeigt er keinen Schenierer seinen Kabelsalat zu richarddevinen oder sogar seinen Sound zu allesandrocoritinien. In diesem Sinne …

––– CONCEPT –––
– This is an open call for artists who want to show their live approach.
– Up to 4 (four) performers/acts get at maximum 30 minutes of stage time per act.
– This is the place to try out yourself, develop your live performance, check your ideas.
– Experimental approaches welcome, nothing to hide or to be scared of.
– Get out of your studio, connect with other enthusiasts.

If you have something interesting up your sleeve related to electronic sound generation (hardware, software, computers, synthesizers, field recordings, live coding – all is welcome), that you think we should experience – be so kind and perform!

Post in the event, if you like to play.
Or if your friend, who is not on FB, wants to play, they could send a mail to:

Looking forward – see you at Rhiz
Markus & Moritz


24. April 2018


Gürtelbogen 37/38
Wien, Wien 1080 Österreich
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