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Funkroom w/ Ultradyne

3. Februar 2018, 23:00

– Ultradyne Live (pi Gao Movement)
– Moxx (funkroom / Yoshi Records)
– Rol:e (funkroom / Yoshi Records)

– Philipp Haffner

Kitchen Hosted By Bare Hands
– Sedvs (bare Hands)
– Adorno (entkunstung)

you have been mesmerized by flashing lights, odd bleeps and noises that when combined make the musical melodies you have grown accustomed to hearing. since the industrial revolution, technology and its by-products are god’s to mankind. assembly lines once operated by flawed humans are now solely efficient machines producing products that are eagerly consumed by the masses. the direct result of one person’s idea to move mankind further into the future, infecting the world, sparking new ideas and methods, ultimately creating the ideas of today and the building blocks for tomorrow’s progress. this process is self sufficient and self-sustaining –
a machine in it’s own right.

ultradyne – the ultimate machine.
not a physical machine with working and moving parts but a machine of ideas whose sole purpose is the continual combination and progression of ideas. as long as a thought exists, this machine will never cease.

a point. a line. a circle. a wheel. a cart. a wagon. a car. an airplane. spacecraft. time travel.
the transformation of an idea.

this is ultradyne.


3. Februar 2018
10 – 13


Grelle Forelle
Spittelauer Lände 12

Wien, 1090
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