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Wolfgang „Fadi“ Dorninger 24-Stunden-Livestream

26. Februar, 19:00

Who is playing

    • DORNINGER – Sound Art project by Wolfgang Dorninger
    • Wipeout – Step into the dark side of club music!
    • The Smiling Buddhas – Techno, Ambient
    • DRKMBNT – Live act that makes music exclusively with self-soldered instruments and sound tools.
    • Monochrome Bleu – 80ies Industrialized Pop Band (Disbanded in 1993, the band plays a concert once every 10 years.)
    • Josef K. Noyce – Sings Shakespeare (The band was part of the international cassette movement in the 80s and broke up in 1994.)
    • Bruckmayr_Dorninger – Realtime 3-D and „algo“ sounds


Musical partners: Peter Androsch (Monochrome Bleu, Josef K. Noyce), Didi Bruckmayr (Wipeout, Bruckmayr_Dorninger), Geza Eisserer (Josef K. Noyce), Thomas Resch (Monochrome Bleu), John Fitzpatrick (The Smiling Buddhas)
Text, Videos, ….: Gerhard Willert (Text)

What Else

  • Interactive Sound Mixer
  • Interactive Synthetic Bird Mixer
  • text2field-recordings
  • Theatre Scores Remixed
  • Film Scores Remixed
  • Tonga Music Remix
  • Electronic Layers of Self Soldered Sound Tools
  • Videos: Art, Band and Documentary Videos
  • Lecture: Cassette Culture Node Linz


26. Februar