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26. Oktober, 20:00 - 23:00

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Another one for the synthlovers:
SDH is change, alteration, distortion, metamorphosis. Its synth-pop songs, peppered with EBM and techno, are mysterious, obtuse and suggestive.
The Barcelona-based duo aroused international critical and public interest with their debut, Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms (Avant! Records, 2018), an album that allowed them to perform their first concerts throughout Europe and Canada and share the stage with artists such as Marie Davidson, Molly Nilsson or Merchandise, to name a few.
SDH toured extensively across Europe supporting their second album, „Against Strong Thinking“ EP (Avant! 2020) right before the lockdown, forcing them to return home earlier than expected, but not even that nightmare did not stop the growth of the band, who got down to work with the composition of its new album.
During lockdown, the two original songs that are part of their new EP, „Maybe a Body“ (Avant !, 2022) emerged, and the final product is the result of the joint effort of the band and Los Angeles-based producer Matia Simovich, who has produced records for acts like Body Of Light, Riki or SRSQ.
Two years and one pandemic after his previous release, the Italian, London-based solo project M!R!M is back with a new full- length album. Inspired by the synth pop classics, as well as from cold and dark waves, multi-instrumentalist Jack Milwaukee has been releasing material on labels such as Fabrika and Manic Depression until his first record on Avant! „The Visionary „back in 2020. On April 22 his fourth LP „Time Traitor“ will be released and we’re excited to say this is Milwaukee’s most personal job to date. If you are familiar with his work, you know the DIY/lo-fi approach of his first recordings was already gone with his previous LP, but these new ten recordings dig even deeper, drawing the outlines of a fantasy world lost within the foggy memories of a collective childhood. Possibly locked in his bedroom for the necessary time, Milwaukee has been able to recreate an imaginative realm of 80’s FM suggestions, scattering a number of acoustic clues from different parts of this parallel, yet so familiar dimension. It’s almost like M!R!M is sending us a message in a bottle with each of these new tracks. And each message tells a different story.
On Bells encompasses a variety of styles and sounds shifting from ethereal lo-fi soul and synthpop to indie-techno-esque compositions and modern beatmaking. His electronic sounds, versatile vocals and guitar playing build the base for his songs, the feelings oscillate between romantic, dark and euphoric. After the previous released singles “Wild Love” (together with musician Titus Probst) and “Vibes in the shower”, which score Place 1 and 2 in the FM4 Charts, now his Debutalbum “Drip” got released on Vinyl and digitally.
ON BELLS encompasses a variety of styles and sounds shifting from ethereal lo-fi soul and synthpop to indie-techno-esque compositions and modern beatmaking.


26. Oktober
20:00 - 23:00


Gürtelbogen 37/38

Wien, Wien 1080 Österreich
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