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Queer-Feminism and Contemporary Music & Club Culture

14. Februar 2018, 19:00 - 22:00

A panel discussion with: female:pressure, femdex, Riot Tea Club, SISTERS, Sounds Queer?
Hosted by dasque[e]r

Music creates spaces for various desires as well as the need for escapism. At the same time the individuals and social networks producing and/or consuming these culture/s are (more or less) a reflection of society’s current state. That fundamentally includes mechanisms of power and hierarchy. Women* and queers (as well as other minorities) still have to struggle for a safe and equal space through all sorts of musical genres. Even if a general imbalance might be admitted more often these days, the actual interested in the situation of female and/or queer musicians, sound artists and DJs is still modest.

Therefore we invited different initiatives who are trying to push feminist and queer issues forward in music. Together we would like to discuss: What are they currently working on? What are they struggling with? But also more general questions like: What does feminist (and political) thinking or acting mean in the context of music and clubbing? How important is it to conquer commercial places and ma(i)nstream culture? What are the benefits of creating certain subcultures? Who is in charge anyway? And is there a female or queer sound to begin with?


14. Februar 2018
19:00 - 22:00