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Postman + Lady Lynch

31. Januar 2018, 20:00

„Architecture begins when you place two bricks carefully together“ (Van der Rohe).

POSTMAN begins when four (wannabe) architects, who are actually artists, devote themselves to the translation of space into pop music. Just a year after the release of their debut record THERE (Epileptic Media, 201 6) the collective from Linz/Austria already cuts the red ribbon of their second full length: HOME. The new album can be considered a sequel, namely to the extent that once again their tried & true tool of (auto-)propulsion are direct citations – unabridged and unchanged – from the architecture classic S, M, L, XL (Kohlhaas / Mau), intuitively picked and elegantly (re)assembled to something new: POSTMAN leave the desert. Now heading towards Metropolis.
All components gather in a positive symbiosis. „Often the space in-between is as important as the buildings themselves“ (Van der Rohe).
Though POSTMAN make minimal pop, their canon of forms is far from limited and shines in unwieldy beauty. In a virtually consolatory way they describe the metaphoric void of postmodernism and emerge as lifeguards who improve the world through architecture.

LADY LYNCH are „not a stranger anymore“, bearing in mind that this art punk foursome cumulates members (Theresa Adamski, Philipp Forthuber, Lina Gärtner, Christian Sundl) from esteemed acts such as Black Fox Tropical, Crystal Soda Cream, Just Friends And Lovers, Wounds of Castrated Dicks to mention a few. Only just recently resurrected and reformed after several years of quiescence, Lady Lynch keep offering a dark blend of sharp minimalism, highly slick sense of timing and well nuanced repetition far–flung from monotony.

VVK: 8,-/AK: 10,-


31. Januar 2018


Gürtelbögen 29-32
Wien, 1080
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