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Marina Poleukhina, Alexander Chernyshkov, Etienne Nillsen

8. Februar, 19:00

Etienne Nillesen – snare drum
Alexander Chernyshkov – reley, objects
Marina Poleukhina – expressive objects
The music of Etienne Nillesen, despite its minimalist approach, achieves a remarkable complexity of sound. Each meticulously crafted note and nuance demands undivided attention and concentration from both the performer and the listener, fostering a deep connection between the two.
Alexander Chernyshkov is a composer, performer and improviser. He actively experiments with new vibrating sources and his main focus is the composition and practice of the performative, musical theatre based on interdisciplinarity between methods and genres, which is being referred as ERROR THEATER.
Marina Poleukhina is composer and improviser.
The focus of her artistical attention lies in an interdisciplinary work. Her music unite a creation of a world that goes beyond only sounds. It connects movement, light, video projections on unusual surfaces, manipulation of ordinary devices that make them become instruments, objects that create their own space.


8. Februar


zentagasse 26
vienna, 1050 AT
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