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Luca Atzori & Alessio Cannarozzo (IT)

11. März, 19:00 - 22:00

Luca Atzori and Alessio Cannarozzo are playing their album „Almagesto“. Almagesto is a journey, an opaque dream that narrates the Ptolemaic cosmology. The voices say something that no one can understand. Ancient and primitive songs. The geocentric perspective becomes an obsolete certainty. What was once believed to be true today is no longer true. So in this disc we explore the suggestions of an ancient knowledge, where characters like Regiomontanus and Trapezunzio, ancient mathematicians, appear. I imagine the look in the middle of the sea, in the night. The stars are far away, as is the Moon. But the mind is totally open. In that error of believing to be the center, hallucinations begin. Every mistake when it is believed to be true creates a real world. We know that Nietzsche said that the real world has become a fairy tale. That is why there are no assertions here. There is no sense. Only the opaque auditory vision of something that belongs to a time that never happened. less credits released June 24, 2021 LYR. LUCA ATZORI (IG. Luca_atzori__) MUSIC. ALESSIO CANNAROZZO (IG. Alessio.cannorozzo) MIX. ALESSIO CANNAROZZO PRESENTATION. LUCA ATZORI ARTWORK. DAVIDE BAVA (davidebava_)


11. März
19:00 - 22:00


zentagasse 26
vienna, 1050 AT
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