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Lili Refrain

10. April, 19:00 - 22:00

An Italian-born solo artist, Lili Refrain is what some would call a virtuoso. Combining repetitions of elements of folk, metal, blues, rock, and lyrical opera Refrain create a unique and textured brand of psychedelia. With the addition of percussion and synth, Lili creates a completely immersive and ritualistic experience where her listeners get completely wrapped up in the music. Lili has self produced four albums that received acclaim from various media outlets, her self-titled, “Lili Refrain” in 2007, “9” in 2010, “KAWAX” in 2013, and “ULU” in 2020 In recent years Lili has been a prolific performer, playing hundreds of shows across Europe. Lili Refrain will be performing her newest album, “MANA” in its entirety at Roadburn Festival on April 21, 2022 Returning fans will find echoes of Lili Refrain’s past albums morphed into something new in her ever-evolving sonic palette

Lili Refrain’s newest LP MANA lives up to its title. A combination of Anna Von Hausswolff and Burning World-era Swans, following the words of Walter Hoeijmakers, the founder of Roadburn Festival.

Each track is multifaceted and they all have a heft to them, a weight that translates well to Refrain’s multi-instrumentalist abilities. Commenting on the nature of recording process Lili states: “Mana is an album totally different from anything I’ve ever done before. I felt the need to experiment with the use of new instruments and take a totally new path. Compared to my previous album MANA is the most ritual in some ways”.

Refrain comments onthe origin of the title saying: “It means ‘life force’, power that comes from within and is dedicated to those who have found themselves consciously facing a journey, without knowing where it would have arrived or even if it would have survived.”
Using very few guitars, Lili Refrain has not only distanced herself from her comfort zone but also created a danceable feel focusing on arrangements and vocal techniques. However, the work on background sounds was very deliberate , as Lili notices:

“Stefano Morabito, the engineer and the owner of „16th Cellar Studio“ in Rome welcomed me in his studio and had been following me throughout the production.”

“Spontaneous” is probably the best description of creating the record that became MANA.
“I felt the need to experiment.” – says Lili about the current evolutions and changes in her “inner gaze”.
Starting with Ichor , Sangoma and Mami Wata, Lili Refrain has been going down the path of rediscovering herself as an artist and performer. Combining both heavy synths sounds and operatic heights. Pairing Taiko drum sounds of Mami Wata with her trilling and whispering, Lili Refrain manages to create a chanting and ritualistic experience.

Lili Refrain will be performing MANA in its entirety on April, 21st at Roadburn festival followed by an extensive European tour that would include performances at Hellfest (FR), Rock in Burlon (FR), AMFest (SP)and DUNK! Fest (BE).

“I am very honored to take part in one of the most important festivals in Europe and present my album in absolute preview right there is a supreme joy for me! I’m preparing a very special set for this event and can’t wait to be there!”


10. April
19:00 - 22:00


Escape Metalcorner
Neustiftgasse 116-118
Wien, Wien 1070 Österreich
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