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Kisling | Artjom Astrov

11. Juli, 18:30


KISLING’s composition method, highly informed by digital processing, and meant for contemporary DJ equipment,

subtracts and morphs live recorded flute samples by Ilja Gussarov into concrete snippets that propose a ‘new real.’

KISLING arranges and distorts her tunes on a set of Pioneer CDJs,

enriching this musical experience with the immediacy and spontaneity of mixing techniques.

This gives way to an imaginative material that scrutinizes the limits and promise of music.

Website von Kisling

Artjom Astrov: Funny Place

Artjom Astrov (b.1989) is a musician based in Vienna. His eclectic composition style incorporates both produced and found sound, digital processing and songwriting. Astrov’s use of voice (spoken word, rapping) can be characterised by a sense of alienated lyricism. As a sound designer for various contemporary performance productions, Astrov has developed a distinctively minimalistic approach that relies on spatial and conceptual properties of sound.

As Benzokai, rin la or simply as Artjom, he has released several EPs for record labels such as Quantum Natives, Baba Vanga, Trash Can Dance and Serious Serious, an imprint he himself initiated. Founded in 2016 and featuring anything from fashion garments to recordings of street music, Serious Serious documents and showcases a variety of artistic practices, contributing to a collective vision of a music underground.

Spotify von Artjom Astrov

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Musikerin: Michaela Kislingauthor/performer: Artjom Astrov


11. Juli



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