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15. April, 21:00 - 23:59

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GLOBAL FYRE 2099™ is a new series of ~c0ncEpTuAL parties~ to transform, dismember, recreate and transcend the new normal. The aim is to express our world’s state of unrest and anxiety, of technical progress and futuristic dreams.

Through rejection in the contemporary club scene which is a loyal byproduct of Technocapitalism, GLOBAL FYRE 2099™ seeks most importantly F.U.N. (Finally Understanding Nothing) and P.L.U.R. – enjoying on its own terms to define “what electronic club music should be” by dealing with the ultimately unknowable sonic possibilities to create an ecstatic rave journey.



Swan Meat is a record producer and DJ from Washington, D.C. based in Cologne, Germany. Since breaking onto the scene in early 2017 with her debut EP, BOUNTY (Permalnk), a tribute to classic Metroid games, she has carved out her own niche in the underground, perfecting a sound in which sweeping string arrangements, 8-bit synth melodies, and gigantic techno kicks meet in a weird and eerie whorl. In the past three years she’s released myriad singles and remixes, as well as three EPs: TAME (Bala Club), her second solo release, Knife Splits Ice, a collaborative tape with Yoshitaka Hikawa, and, most recently, FLESHWORLD (Infinite Machine), which Resident Advisor called “a dizzying sequence of references and samples programmed to shock and awe.” A follow up is due this Fall, and in the past year she has released a slew of singles, remixes, and DJ mixes. A resident DJ on London’s Rinse FM station and Germany’s dublab outlet, as well as one-half of the production duo House of Suns with DJ Heroin, the producer has proven herself versatile and ever-evolving, touring the world with her maximalist live set.

🔥 Kenji Araki 🔥
Kenji Araki is a digital artist based in Austria with roots in Japan. His work is influenced on the deconstruction of contemporary art and music. The exploration of genre- and medium boundaries are at the core of his artistic ethos and lead to an aesthetic that is equally harsh, alien, somber and beautiful. He recently released his debut EP “Nabelschnurtanz” on Affine Records as an appetizer for his upcoming debut album.

🔥 Shinsekai 🔥
DJ Shinsekai (新世界, „New World“) is a music project which is characterized by its diversity of sounds, containing improvisation, deconstruction, mixing and arranging contrasting elements to create an assemblage of club-adjacent rhythms and juxtapositions to define a kaleidoscopic glimpse of a musical future.

🔥 Selena Pommes 🔥
Selena Pommes is the update of Techno DJ/producer and former Maschinenraum co-organizer lena:k. Pommes steps freely but consciously through post club rave hardcore hyperpop genres with a good intuition what vibes with her audience. Still with techno passion in her heart Pommes is mixing wild through everything that tingles her musical senses. More genres, less mixing, more diversity and less consistency. Selena Pommes will touch your heart and leave a big stain of ketchup on your sweatshirts.
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15. April
21:00 - 23:59


Gürtelbögen 99/100

Wien, Wien 1090 Österreich
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