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EL*C-Lesbenkonferenz 2022

29. September, 12:00 - 1. Oktober, 18:00

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Our conferences are our lighthouses – In 2017, we organized our conference entitled “Lesbians in Europe: Act, Reflect, Transform, Connect” in Vienna Austria and in 2019, we held our second international conference entitled “Let’s Bring Lesbian Genius to the World!” in Kyiv, Ukraine. The first one in Vienna, Austria, with 500 participants. The second in Kyiv, Ukraine, with 350 participants. The first edition brought together five hundred lesbian politicians, artists, journalists, academics gathered from all over Europe and Central Asia for a very successful, historical and mediatized event. In Vienna, the conference participants made it clear that there was a huge need for all European and Central Asian countries to pay more attention to the situation of lesbians. We also heard the message from thousands of lesbians in Europe and Central Asia: they wanted a network and another conference to happen. The second edition of the conference took place in April 2019, in Kyiv, Ukraine, and was co-organized with Insight, a Ukrainian human rights NGO focusing on LGBTIQ rights work. At the second EL*C conference, Central Asia was included in the official name of the network. 


29. September, 12:00
1. Oktober, 18:00