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CIA Debutante, Mme Psychosis, Anne Pedersdotter (Cut Surface X Struma+Iodine)

27. April, 21:00 - 23:59

Narcotised, scuzzed out, post-Suicide punk rock and roll anti-ness, sluggish pools of greyscale electronics and viscous synth blubber, prodded by corroded beats and warped dictaphone gargle. CIA Debutante is freedom indoor workshop, eternally temporary composition, Lo-Fi spirit, spoken word, guitar, synths. hits from the future. Since their emergence in 2016, the duo have toured Europe several times over and are knee deep in the sticky, murky waters of 15+ releases (SDZ Records, Ever/Never, Czaszka Records, Tandem Tapes, etc). Their latest and second LP, “Dust” has been released on Siltbreeze (US) and Wire Magazine calls it, “a visceral racket, hypnotic and darkly welcoming or downright startling”.
Active only in the dark & based in Vienna, Mme Psychosis (short: MP) can be caught in the evenings letting out the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies that hunt her during the day. In MP’s music world, the beat is your guide and your drive, the synths melt all over you, the vocals resonate to then turn distant. The uncanny. MP wants one thing. One thing only. To gradually build her music into your veins, have your blood pump to her rhythms and, ultimately, to have you see the light. The light of The Seventh Reduced – her Cult in the making.
Anne Pedersdotter drags us deep down a mind-bending vault of minimal electronics, magnetic rhythms and manipulation, with a distinct tendency to brittle and blur reality. The raw and obfuscating tonal ambience of A.P.’s extended experiments in repetition and processed mutations combine cold-blooded elements of German synth music with the tenaciously pulsating flows of cosmic kraut and 90s hip-hop, as well as the twitchy and throbbing elements of early industrial. A contagious compulsory exercise in electronic no-frills primitivism, trippy to the bone.


27. April
21:00 - 23:59


Gürtelbögen 99/100
Wien, Wien 1090 Österreich
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