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Animistic Beliefs, Authentically Plastic, Jung An Tagen, Augsburger Messer, Forever Traxx, Yuzu

10. Juni, 21:00 - 23:59

Animistic Beliefs are inventing a new, creole musical language. The Rotterdam-based duo repurposes forms from techno and electro to create exhilarating hybrids, applying a fresh perspective that is both deeply personal and political.
‘Animism’ is the idea found in indigenous belief systems that all objects, creatures and places possess a spiritual essence. Pre-colonial thought, traditions and music connected with Marvin’s Moluccan and Linh’s Vietnamese-Chinese heritage are key inspirations and tools through which the duo explore their experience as queer POC living in the Netherlands.
Parallel but distinct from their releases, the duo has honed a fast-paced and ritualistic live sound. In a dimly lit room behind a web of cables, they become a powerful force. Layering Linh’s punk vocals beneath detailed, tightly wound metallic loops and pneumatic kicks, these imposing metallic structures give way only fleetingly to passages of brooding, choral melancholy – moments of emotional release made even more intense by their transience.
Authentically Plastic is an Artist, DJ & Producer based in Kampala, Uganda. Their genre-bending sets, at once dark and playful, use Gqom, Vogue & Techno as a base for exploring other unknown sounds. Their music is influenced by anything from quasi-electronic Northern Ugandan rhythms, to early acid experiments, and live noise/industrial shows. They got their start playing at secretive queer parties in the city (Kampala); which eventually led to their first festival gig at ‘Nyege Nyege’. Since then, they have played in several venues around the city for parties like Malkia (Queen) & Boutiq Electroniq, continuously exploring and reinventing their style. Authentically Plastic also curates a bi-monthly club night in Kampala called ANTI-MASS; which prioritises femme, queer & experimental DJ’s/artists. They describe ANTI-MASS as a “nomadic, femme, dance machine”. The party attracts a diverse, dedicated crowd, and aims to be a propulsive space for sonic & cultural experimentation.
Authentically Plastic’s forthcoming debut solo album is to be released in May 2022.
Jung An Tagen invites us to reflect on the diffuse but persistent term “experimental” not as deviation from aesthetic orthodoxy, but as the design and implementation of compositional systems that offer unpredictable results; “electronic” as an annulment of the previous instrumental tradition, and as a simultaneous reversion towards aesthetic openness; as the fragmentation of a theoretical or mythical musical syntax by obsessive repetition, sequential motivic mutations, aleatoric arrays, pareidolic illusions and moiré effects; “electronic” as the ultimate split, dehumanization, mechanic strangeness.
In 2020 Jung founded the netlabel label Setting aside any hint of expressionist gestures, one is left with form and abstract sound, emotional alienation: “dissociative, psychoacoustic, computer music”.
Das Augsburger Messer
oder das Messer der Philippine Welser
I would slice the smoked meat as well as the bread with the knife (…) that hung on the wall of the Black Kitchen (…). W. did not dare handle it, he was afraid even to pick it up, (…) the uncommonly fine <philosophical chasing> (W.) on both sides of the sharp blade (…) interested us, appealed to us . . . at night W. ́s fantasies would often revolve around the knife . . . he feared that in his own hand it would only be used to <inflict pain that would not otherwise occur,> that was the idea that haunted him as far as the knife was concerned, he feared that the <artwork from Augsburg that belonged to our uncle> would become a stabbing weapon as soon as it was in his hands . . .
Supported by MA7 Kultur – Stadt Wien, BMKOES, SKE


10. Juni
21:00 - 23:59


Gürtelbogen 37/38
Wien, Wien 1080 Österreich
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