Ksenija Stevanovi? - Biography

Born 1976 in Belgrade (SCG), musicologist.

Main interests encompass problems of reproduction in music, feminist theories, media studies, political philosophy and especially relationships between music production and bio-political thought. Participant of aesthetics and musicology conferences in countries of Former Yugoslavia and abroad.

Attended Center for Women Studies in Belgrade (http://www.zenskestudie.edu.yu/eng/). Publishes essays, reviews, articles and translations in specialized music magazines and art reviews.
2000-2001: Founding member of »Walking Theory group«
2002: author/performer at »Dracula-project«,.
Founding member of »CHINCH – Initiative for contemporary music and live arts from Belgrade« (www.chinch.org).
Editor-in-chief of »Explicit-music: Journal for contemporary music and theory« (www.explicit-music.org).
2004: Organizer of the Composers in the »First Person festival«, Belgrade and organizer/facilitator of »Explicit-music session no.1«, dedicated to digital electronic practice and music improvisation on regional level. Works as music editor on III programme of Radio Belgrade.