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4. September 2021, 22:00 - 23:30

JA MANN aims to focus on PoC as well as queer feminist artists in order to create safer spaces within the viennese club culture. For the long-awaited premiere of their new event series at rhiz Vienna, JAMANN have invited ÄRGER – a Viennese queer feminist techno collective – to push the boundaries together. Through the fusion of Oriental Techno/Downtempo and queer-fem Techno we aim to bring you an unforgettable evening of joy and solidarity.

JA MANN is a series of events that aims to focus on PoC and queer feminist artists and thematizes migration and clubculture in Vienna. They love to combine middle eastern sounds with Techno, Acid and traditional Anatolian sounds. The minimalist aspect of techno is enriched with the emotional and lively power of the so-called „Orient“. Not only are oriental sounds inserted into electronic beats, but both cultures are seamlessly interwoven.

ÄRGER is a queer feminist techno collective based in Vienna with the aim to create safer spaces. Pushing the boundaries of viennese rave and party culture with ÄRGER beat, the collective targets the political nature of party spaces by giving space to marginalized groups and creating a collective experience of solidarity and joint euphoria in a world full of injustice.


4. September 2021
22:00 - 23:30


Gürtelbogen 37/38

Wien, Wien 1080 Österreich
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+43 01 409 25 05
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