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Prince's hard worker on the drums

article_7716_article_7694_prince1_500_160.jpg »We could play this song or that,« Prince proposes to a singing, dancing and emotionally captured audience. »Vienna!« June 7, 2014, Vienna City Hall, Prince & 3rdEyeGirl. A subjective proletarian drum column on American astray.

U Roy, the Originator

In the Reggae world, if there was a Rub-a-Dub Army, U Roy would surely be General ...

Winston McAnuff

»Electric Dread« short-circuits Parisian Ground ... Makavibes ...

The Congos

Who is gonna stop dem now ... The Congoman is comin' ... back!!!

Groundation - California Jammin'

Americans playing Reggae Music, and all of them are white men ...That is something that must have been difficult to accept for Reggae purists and other rastas. But Groundation is now a name that almost every Reggae fan has already heard.

Interview with Winston Rodney a.k.a. Burning Spear 07/11/2005

A new Burning Spear to discover: Some years after his last work »Freeman« the 60 years old rastaman is back with his refreshing new album »Our Music«, which is the first one recorded outside Jamaika. With new musicians from New York.

The Evolution of Senso-Brutalism: Electronic Aesthetics of Force in Music. Industrial - Minimal Techno - Gabba.

Sonic injections to the braincells about deviant musics by the London-based writer and critic Alexei Monroe, best known for his books about Laibach/NSK.
Alexei Monroe | 10.01.2006 mehr lesen

»IT S ALL ABOUT US« (borrowed from t.A.T.u.)

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In 1989, on their way to Ponto-Corvo, the radical advertists group Didi&Noël, driving a car at 6:34 AM, were arrested by the C.I.W. To this present day we still don't really know the motivations of their trip, but it's been said a secret meeting involving Che Guevara, Karl Lagerfeld and Carlos was to take place there. After about six years of research, the music critic from »Die Zeitung-Zeitung« (who wishes to remain anonymous) has hijacked some of their daily correspondence. A book shall be published next year which is temporarily entitled »Your Fuckin Kampf, Not Mein!« - Good Luck.

CULTURAL NOISE: Noise as a Musical Metaphor for Contemporary Aesthetics in Popular Culture


Cultural Noise: Noise as a Musical Metaphor for Contemporary Aesthetics in Popular Culture

Heinrich Deisl

Lecture text presented at the Conference »Fourth Biennial Conference on Twentieth-century Music«, University Sussex, Dept. of Music, August 2005


Heinrich Deisl | 10.01.2006 mehr lesen


Alfred Pranzl/Übersetzung: Norbert Lang | 23.09.2005 mehr lesen

In memoriam Luc Ferrari - ??? 22nd August 2005

Luc Ferrari possessed a sparkling sense of humor and quality of focus or presentness that, for anyone lucky enough to have enjoyed his company, will be impossible to forget. In this lifetime, you might meet a handful of individuals whose work really speaks to you. Really sparks you...
David Grubbs | 26.08.2005 mehr lesen

Tanita Tikaram has released a new album

  • Artist: Tanita Tikaram
  • Label: V2/Edel
Seven years did pass by since Tanita Tikarams last album. These days the new album Sentimental (V2/Edel) is released - time to talk to Tanita about songwriting and ideal working situations.
Jürgen Plank | 13.04.2005 mehr lesen

Norman Granz - Jazz in Montreux

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Good Lord, they gave me the complete series on DVD!
Noël Akchoté | 16.12.2004 mehr lesen

Mimi Secue - D Assoziative Machinery

Mimi Secue are a bunch of adolescents from the Burgenland, relocated to Vienna.
Mimi Secue is a collective, hence all their answers and responses in this interview are marked »M«.
Mimi Secue spreads a vast aural canvas, inviting their listeners to project their own imaginary visual track there upon. Let's start out with my personal associations first, and then proceed to Mimi Secue's.
Stefan Parnreiter / Übersetzung: Jörg Bleche | 02.08.2002 mehr lesen

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