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Unlike many sound experiments, this one is listenable, even enjoyable. Keeps the attention for what happens next. The first impression I got was that it is a recording of sounds that can be heard in the toy-box, in the childrens room, when everyone is sleeping. But that???s the first impression. The pieces are leading us through wet and gloomy places which somehow lack the human dimension. Clean, subtle sounds that can be heard in life, but Fra...


The beginning of the CD doesn???t leave the impression that you would listen to it to relax, when you come home late at night, all tired and stressed out. Noise as much as two guitars and a drum can make, make you feel even a bit uncomfortable, if not annoyed. But later on, through the rest of the four songs, the music is more calm. Calm is the word for the most ofit, until it builds up into a tension, not too pleasant, but it is an inevitable ...


A very heterogenous CD. It starts with something you might hear in a worn out bar somewhere in New Orleans. Also you can hear several minutes of blowing instrument raping which is not so unusual in todays music art. Often musicians practice this sport, I would call it a lack of inspiration. It is possible that it depicts the state of mind and soul of the artist, then it served its aim, but it is not something a listener can enjoy. Another mood ...

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