Eleni Mandell

»Miracle of Five« -

Text: Noël Akchoté | 07.04.2007

In the most naked tradition of »A girl and her guitar«, Eleni Mandell offers us here a superb album of gentle and smart songs. Nothing really new at all here, but a lovely album to listen to without looking for clues, novelties nor any extreme experiences. Mandell's voice is beautiful, her tone and intonations will often remind you of american mainstream from the 50's and 60's. All the album is produced really tight around her singing and playing, like a a simple summer dress, some nice material, a coulourful print and flowers motiv. Something to wear every day, elegant but not too provocative, a nice cut. Even if there s an obvious parallel with Norah Jones, in a less country & jazz approach here, i would mainly compare their simplicity, freshness and ability to let us forget about all the noise and agitation around us. Sometime most simple is all you need. Here comes Eleni Mandell.

Text: Noël Akchoté | 07.04.2007


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