Anja Garbarek

»Briefly Shaking« - Virgin/EMI

Text: Noël Akchoté | 20.05.2006

»Yes she is the daughter of her father ...« (and that's it). But what I can't tell is, if she ever worked before (they do on that one) with him and, if Jan Garbarek did or didn't play with Don Cherry in the late 60's and early 70's (Gato Barberi did and Neneh started composing with Don at a very early age). Meanwhile we're facing a pretty personal album here. It is soft and smooth, has nice melodies and delicate arrangements, slightly old fashioned or at least comparable to what we've heard already from the scandinavian sounds. It's probably missing a hit song, because the overall feeling is more about atmospheres than a real statement. She has a nice voice and knows how to float above each track but she doesn't really nail anything either. It remains around, behind and sometimes vague. It's what they use to call »Jazzy« but without the dreadful »chalalaoubada« solos. I don't know. What about Tania Maria, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Cassandra Wilson or Michael Franks, better?

Text: Noël Akchoté | 20.05.2006


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